The Clapton Mile Festival – June 16 & 17 2012

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Further to the success of last year’s Clapton Festival, which arose out of the Clapton Conference (see link for 5 minute film of festival – ) The Clapton Mile Festival will be taking place on the weekend of 16 & 17 June 2012.  

Planning is in the preliminary stages with some events already confirmed – Music Stage at Clapton Square, Heritage Walk, Music Event at Round Chapel, Millfields Community School Arts Week and others being considered – Classical Music Event at Sutton House, Choirs Performance at The Portico.  

Planned to stretch from the Lea Bridge Roundabout in the North to St John’s Churchyard in the South, this is definitely a date for the diaries of all across Clapton. Whether you just want to attend and enjoy the atmophere and various events,   to participate in the day or the organising, or even extend the Festval into Upper Clapton,  this will hopefully be a wonderful expression of our community, with opportunities for all to get involved.

For those people who are interested in getting involved, we would love to hear from you. There are various capacities in which you can participate, including:

– You have an idea for an event you want to put on to link in with the Festival

– You want to join the team and get involved in the organising of the whole Festival, or a particular event, either starting now or just on the day. Whatever your skills, theywill be welcome!

– You have no idea how you want to be involved or what you could do, but something about this just appeals to you and you’d like to talk to someone

– There is some other way you want to participate that we’ve not thought of and you want to let us know about that

Regarding other events, there are one or two areas for participation that are not yet covered where it’d be great to have something happening, for instance an event at Clapton Pond. Any event that happens is due to someone stepping forward and making it happen. The Clapton Mile Festival coordinators will provide support where possible and have already established contacts with the Council regarding obtaining licences and permits. So, whilst there will obviously be work involved, putting on an event  will not be totally from scratch and no-one will be out there on their own – we have a team!!!

Whatever your position, we’d love to hear from you. Please note, the deadline for events being confirmed and on the Festival schedule will be set shortly. This will be for sometime in April and will be posted here once confirmed.


General Festival Participation: Louise Goodison – e-mail: 

For those who may be interested in putting on an event for the Festival weekend at Clapton Pond:

Dave Rindl –

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