Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group was originally set up, in an attempt to improve the Clapton Pond park and pond, and the surrounding area. Today, over 10 years later, the group continues its work, via campaigning, via building partnerships with the council (sometimes known as harassing!) and the local community, and also via practical work.

Its Aims and Objectives are as follows:

  • to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of Clapton Pond and the surrounding area.
  • to advance the education of the inhabitants in the area of benefit and the public in general in environmental matters, planning, transportation, geography and local history.
  • to improve community facilities in the area of benefit in the interests of social welfare for those living or working in the area of benefit.

The group take an interest in anything in the Clapton Pond area and sometimes members from either the committee, or the wider community, campaign about specific topics

We also sometimes support other local groups and individuals in their projects, by raising awareness about issues in which this group’s direct community may be interested. If you would like to notify us about a local issue, please get in touch.