The Clapton Festival – A date for your diary and a request for some help!

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As we announced last month, the Clapton Festival is happening at the end of next week, September 28. Momentum is building to what promises to be an exciting day of music, art, children’s activities, food, drink and more!

Drop by on the 28th for a quick buzz, make a grand day of it, or get involved as a participant or volunteer. If the latter appeals, contact the organisers via the website or at to find out more.

A specific request for help from the organisers

On the day, transport will be required to ferry the sound system its normal home to the venue, and back again (either on the day, or the next). If you are a driver with a van, or know someone who is, and could help out, please contact There will be plenty of hands available to do all the lifting, so it’s just transport and driver needed.

Keeping updated:

Full details can be found at

Rolling announcements and news can be found on the Facebook page at

Follow the Festival on Twitter at @ClaptonFest

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