Millfields Road Public Toilet Block Site, planning application

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The e-mail recently sent gave details of the planning application for the site of the former public toilet block at the junction of Millfields Road and Mildenhall Road.

The official deadline for comments on this has just passed, on February 28. However, whilst having your comments in by the deadline is always highly recommended, should you have not been able to get this sorted by then, please do still send them in. Comments about planning applications are still taken into account when received after the deadline up to about a week before the committeee hearing.  Call up or write to the planning officer to check.

The link given to the actual planning application on the Hackney Council planning system did not work properly. So, in order to simplify things here is the link just to the home page of the planning section:
Enter ‘Millfields Road’ in the correct box, hit ‘search’, and the application is the top of the list, No 2011/0094.

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