Leabridge Ward Community First Panel – Notes of meeting on 21 November 2013

Further to CPNAG’s support of Leabridge Ward Community First Panel (see https://claptonpond.org/community-first/ ) we have been keeping you up to date with funding deadlines on here (most recent has now passed).

Below are the notes from the November Bid Setting Meeting. Keep your eyes open for news of the successful bids…. coming soon.


·       Discussed changing nature and boundaries of Leabridge Ward.

·       Resolved that any bidders need to be made aware of providing accurate and clear contact details with a second back-up contact, and to make sure they have a bank account or to indicate they don’t and request the Panel Partner to hold the funds. We looked at the fund holding process.

·       Ruth Gray was thanked for all her help with creating the community plan

·       Reportback on projects – all positive.

·       Short reports are still needed from some of last year’s projects.

·       Projects need to be reminded to look at the final evaluation form from the outset.

·       We agreed to keep the same criteria:

– To help promote the local economy

                – To improve the quality of community life

                  – To bring different communities together

               – To support the local heritage.

·       As per last year we would like to encourage bids typically around £500 although bids can be made up to around £2,500.

·       Bidding will be asked for from December 1, 2013 closing on 1 February, 2014.

·       It will be advertised on the Clapton Pond website, Facebook, and a notice sent to the local media.

·       There was a discussion of the needs of the Leabridge Ward area. We would welcome bids from those working with young people, parent and toddler groups, tenants associations.

·       Next meeting: February 4

Ian Rathbone 07890 654 068 also email: ian.rathbone@tiscali.co.uk

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