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We are finally able to let you know the dates for the next Clapton Conference meetings. Please read the following carefully to be clear about the different types of meetings and which one, or ones, are appropriate for you.

Due to the lessons we learned from the most recent meeting, last October, as I mentioned in the e-mail I sent you all at the beginning of Dcember, we have realised that there is a need for a number of different types of meetings for this initiative, which hopefully will address the variety of needs that we can see. We are now going forward with three types of meetings, these being as follows:

1. The first possible style of meeting we have identified will be the Stakeholder Representative meeting similar to that which happened in June. This is mainly for representatives of different groups (Park, resident, youth, faith, school, business etc) and also anyone who is interested in building a partnership with Hackney Council and working together to develop some cohesion around planning matters for the area, and even scoping a Masterplan for the area. Please note, this is not for finding out about individual planning applications or other issues. For such matters, please see meeting No 3.

2. The second potential type of meeting could be called Networking and Project Meetings. These will be for those of us who are interested in playing an active part in furthering and linking up the information networks of Clapton, information and experience swapping etc, as well as developing collaborative projects with other individuals and groups.

3. The third type of meeting will be General Meetings. These are for all people living and working in Clapton to find out what is happening across the area and possibly raise issues of concern with officers and councillors present to help sort out matters, or to direct you to those people who can assist.

Now, the dates:

1. Stakeholder Meeting (Planning, masterplan, partnership with Council Planning Dept) April 11, 7.30pm-9.30pm St John’s Ambulance Hall, Mildenhall Road, E5

2. Networking & Project Meeting (Linking up, collaborative projects etc) May 16, 7.30pm-9.30pm St John’s Ambulance Hall, Mildenhall Road, E5

3. General Meeting (Information, questions etc) July 4, 7.30pm-9.30pm Venue TBC

If you have any questions regarding any of tehse meetings, please contact myself, Dave Rindl, on the details below, or Ian Rathbone, Chair of Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group or 07890 654 068

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at one of the meetings.

See the meetings page to keep up to date with upcoming meetings

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