Agenda 22nd February 2011

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Committee Meeting, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, 22 February 2011

1.    Introductions.  Apologies.

2.   Minutes of last meetings (5 Jan 2011 and AGM 20 Jan 2011).

3.   Matters arising from minutes not already on the agenda.

4.  Update on general pond improvements and operation

Noticeboard  // Fountain // Climbers for bridge arches

5.   Website development – Dave & Emily

6.   Updates on local issues:

  • Clapton Festival, June 12 – Dave
  • White Hart Hotel – Ian & Julia
  • Pond House – public meeting?
  • Millfields toilets – public meeting?
  • Tesco Lower Clapton – Emily

7.  The Clapton Conference:

  • March 21 – stakeholder representative style meeting similar to that which happened in June where the Masterplan for the area began to be scoped in partnership with Hackney Council.
  • April 4 – networking and project meeting for those interested in playing an active part in furthering and linking up the information networks of Clapton, information and experience swapping etc.
  • May – General meeting for all people living and working in Clapton to find out what is happening across the area and possibly raise issues of concern with officers and councillors present to help sort matters out.

8.             Any Other Business

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