Help Save Brooke Road Sorting Office

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Help Save Brooke Road Sorting Office – write and express your views to Stuart Simpson, Royal Mail CEO. His contact details:

Please remember to CC all of your emails to:
Post: Stuart Simpson, CEO of Royal Mail,
100 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0HQ

Petition organisers say:
We’ve been in communication with Councillor Ian Rathbone and he’s said “We need to get people to write directly to the CEO of Royal Mail ASAP as that counts as much as the petition. His postbag needs to be bulging with protest letters/emails!”

It would be good to spread the word and get as many letters sent as possible ASAP. This petition’s official text and the Mayor of Hackney’s letter talk about impact of closure on the local community as a group. Perhaps our letters could focus on showing the impact on an individual. Maybe containing a personal account of what it would mean to lose this service, the value placed on it etc. The letters don’t need to be essays, we just need to get them written and sent ASAP.

If you want to truly help save our Brooke Rd Mail centre, it’s time to put some real effort in!

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