Clapton Conference

An initiative started by The Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group in 2010, The Clapton Conference is intended to provide a forum for individuals and groups (Resident, Park, Faith, School, Business, Youth and any others) across Clapton to come together and network, share ideas and projects, and work together. The format for The Clapton Conference is for three different types of meetings:

Stakeholder Representative Meetings, mainly for representatives of different groups and also anyone who is interested in building a partnership with Hackney Council and working together to develop some cohesion around planning matters for the area.

Networking and Project Meetings are for those who are interested in playing an active part in furthering and linking up the information networks of Clapton, information and experience swapping, and developing collaborative projects with other individuals and groups.

General Meetings are for all people living and working in Clapton to find out what is happening across the area and possibly raise issues of concern with officers and councillors present to help sort out matters, or to direct them to those people who can assist.

The Clapton Conference is currently organised by CPNAG, and until such time as it might develop into a separate entity, please either subscribe here for alerts regarding the Clapton Conference, from this website, or contact:

Ian Rathbone, Chair, Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group [CPNAG]
Mobile: 07890 654 068 e-mail: Ian.Rathbone [at]

Dave Rindl, Vice-Chair, Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group [CPNAG]
Mobile: 07958 726301 e-mail: dave [at]