The Clapton Festival – Update (An All Inclusive Right Royal East End Hullaballoo!)

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Further to the posting on this web-site on 18 Feb, this year, some exciting events and activities for this year’s Clapton Festival have been taking shape.

As a reminder, this will be taking place on the weekend of 16 & 17 June 2012, with one or two events happening in the lead up to these dates. It is planned for this to stretch from the Lee Bridge Roundabout in the North to St John’s Churchyard in the South, and is definitely a date for the diaries of all across Clapton. In fact, some events are springing up in further reaches of Clapton as people become inspired to take part. A full schedule of events will be available nearer the dates.

The Festival will in fact launch on the Thursday evening with a business networking event, and will then include, so far, a classical recital, a reggae sound system concert at the Round Chapel, a stage at Clapton Square featuring various artists, a market in St John’s Church Gardens and various culinary, creative and fun events.

For those of you interested in getting involved, the opportunities are numerous.  Whether you have a venue that could be used, want to set up an event at your own, or an existing venue, want to help organise part of, or the whole Festival, or just want to volunteer on the whole, or part of the, weekend, you are welcome to take part.

For further information, contact THECLAPTONFESTIVAL@GMAIL.COM. Please do so by May 13th, as events need to be finalised very soon.

Also, the following link – Clapton Festival Volunteer Poster – is a poster/flier for you to let your communities, neighbours, organisations or groups know about this opportunity. Please feel free to display this or distribute it as you see fit.


The following link will take you to a 5 minute film of 2011’s festival – )

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