Pond Noticeboard repaired

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Clapton Pond’s main noticeboard has been restored following an attack by vandals last year, damaging the lettering and surface.

The noticeboard was paid for by funds raised by CPNAG and has a history of the pond and details of the refurbishment project depicted on it. It was originally created by a team led by Eve Harrison of CPNAG who has overseen the current repair of damage.

Local resident Tim Cowen helped to prepare the board for a signwriter and then put on a final coat of clear matt varnish after the signwriting was finished. Eve found a traditional signwriter who has expertly filled in the missing and damaged letters.

Thanks goes to Hackney’s Green Spaces dept for payment towards the repair costs.

If you see anyone vandalising this noticeboard, please report it to the Green Spaces Dept on 020 8356 5000 or the police.


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