Petition – Keeping Police Levels in Hackney

For those concerned about the level of policing in Hackney, there is now a petition on the Hackney website calling for more police officers for the borough.

Hackney had 770 officers in 2010. The total planned for 2015 is 685, but it is already below that and predicted to fall to as few as 600.

The petition says: “I am writing to ask you to protect our Safer Neighbourhood Teams and the 85 police officers Hackney is set to lose.

It is time the number of police in Hackney represented the area’s growing population and increasing popularity as a destination. The partnership between the police and the council has lead to a 30% reduction in crime over the last ten years, and nearly 12,000 fewer victims of crime – this would be put at risk under the current plans.

Residents in Hackney also want assurances that we will be able to access police services despite the closure of Hackney Police Station and the reduction in opening hours at Shoreditch Police Station. ”

CPNAG are supporting this and invite all to sign it, and publicise it to everyone you know.

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