About the Panel

Leabridge Ward Community First Panel to manage the Community First Programme  locally. The Panel Partner is Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group (CPNAG).

The programme is overall supervised by the Community Development Foundation. More information about the CDF can be found at the Community Development Foundation website.

If you want to contact the Panel, then please write to Leabridgeward.London@claptonpond.org

Please leave a few days for any reply as we do not have admin staff! It would also help if you gave a phone number to contact you on.

The Leabridge Ward Community First Panel is:

Ian Rathbone
Julia Lafferty
Monica Blake
Ruth Gray
Euan Mills
Conny Schmidt
Jean John

If you are interested in registering an interest in becoming a member of the panel, please write to us with why you would like to join the panel at Leabridgeward.London@claptonpond.org

You can find out more about the Community First Programme on About the Programme.

You can find out about the Panel’s priorities for the coming year at Community First Panel priorities

You can find out how to apply for funding at Apply for funding